The musicians of the Staatskapelle Berlin support the kindergarten musically as volunteers. For more than twelve years they have been coming, week after week, to play, show, and explain their instruments to the children.

The Staatskapelle’s junior members also volunteer, especially when members of the Staatskapelle Berlin are away on tour.

The musicians strive to teach the children how to listen, to help them experience music as an aesthetic but also natural means of grasping the world, to develop their ability to make distinctions, and finally to help them build all kinds of bridges to music – and from music to the rest of the world.

During their weekly visits, the musicians introduce their instruments to the children, play for them well-known songs, and expand their listening habits with classical and contemporary repertoire. Toward the end of each Kindergarten year, the children prepare a large project, during which they work with the kindergarten’s teachers, the Staatskapelle musicians, and children from the kindergarten’s other groups.